New Arrivals: Covid19

Effective immediately, during the COVID-19 pandemic, all individuals who arrive
at The Meadows Condominium from anywhere outside of the State of Florida
must immediately check in with the Management Company at the office. Upon
their arrival, they will not be allowed to utilize the amenities* at The Meadows for
a period of 10 days, unless:

  • they provide a negative COVID-19 test result that has been issued within the last 5 days, or proof of vaccination at least two weeks prior to arrival, or,
  • they have a Health Authority letter, doctor’s note, or a positive antibody test certifying that they have been infected by the COVID -19 virus and have completed the isolation period.

All Meadows Residents & Guests:
Any movement inside the buildings or on the Meadows property will require
wearing an approved face mask when six foot social/physical distancing cannot be
maintained. Exceptions include strenuous exercise, swimming and actively eating
and drinking, but distancing rule must be maintained. Gatherings of more than 10
people is not permitted.
*NOTE: “Amenities” include, but are not limited to,
laundry rooms, bocce courts, tennis courts, pickleball
courts, pool room, swimming pool and surrounding “wet
deck,” gym, shuffleboard courts, picnic tables and benches,
tables and chairs on the “patio,” and the inside areas of the
Clubhouse with the exception of going to the Office to meet
the Property Manager