Let’s Chat sessions

Let’s Chat Sessions

As part of an initiative to enable open discussion, a session is on trial to gather community members’/owners’ concerns, inquiries, suggestions and feedback. During high season, the plan is to schedule two sessions per month with 4 Directors present. The format can be adapted to the community member’s preference (when possible). i.e.: Group discussion or one-on-one. All recommendations, inquiries and suggestions are stored in a repository available below and tracked until closure.

The success of this initiative relies mostly on the community’s involvment and the sponsorship of the board. 

Owner’s recommendations lifecycle can potentially extend to 5 distinct steps:

Step 1: Review by experienced board and community members to analyze feasibility based on historical similar requests. If Feasible, move to step 2.

Step 2: Community members to volunteer in performing an initial analysis of requirements, feasibility and high level Scope of Work and costs. A sponsor (usually a board member) is  assigned to assist and provide input. The Castle Group Manager can also provide input in reference to Bylaws and Rules/Regulations if required. P.S.: items 3 and 4 of the below Let’s Chat Tracker requires community implication to move forward.

Step 3: Community volunteers to package recommendations to the Suggestion Committee for analysis.  

Step 4: Depending of costs and impact to the community, a vote from owners might be required.   If approved, move to step 5.

Step 5: Approval and vote from the Board.

We are hopeful that this initiative will have many benefits moving forward and enable transparency as well as constructive dialogues.

IMPORTANT: Please take note that the “Let’s chat” initiative is not intended to replace the existing Suggestion Committee. But provides an alternate communication channel for which owner’s can discuss various issues openly. The current official process is for the Suggestion Committee to accept recommendations, evaluate and communicate them to the board.

Let’s Chat Tracker (Pdf)

 Project Leader – Michel Akzam